6 Powerful Steps To Becoming A God Now!

The Art & Discipline of Godhood [Satire]

The secret to becoming a god hinges on the practice of divorcing creations from their creators; turning trust into a commodity.

“God Is Money” by Thomas J Wright (Founder / Lead AI/ML Researcher)


Grooming Your Throng

The skilled conqueror recognizes the potential for all social creatures to be subverted; however, while some may be ripe for harvest, others require a subtle nudge in the more desirable direction. Such an influence is typically performed with the introduction of what is commonly referred to as a ‘nucleation vector’.

The Nucleation Vector

No matter the species, the evolutionary paths which formed them, nor the reality they inhabit; the creatures that are worth the aspirant’s attention will be completely reliant on their communal structures. It is here, within their social networks, where the nucleation vector is to be subtly injected.

The goal of the nucleation vector is to sow distrust and jealousy, and to distract them from their individual sense of competency, autonomy, and social relatedness. As all socially reliant creatures depend on the division of labor for survival, to manufacture a lack of trust between them is to damage their ability to properly orient themselves socially.

Their competency will be questioned, the individual’s autonomy will be invaded with the cries and opinions of others, and disharmony will quickly propagate throughout all of their relationships.

The delicate balance within the social organism will have been disturbed and the creatures will fervently seek an antidote.

When these creatures find themselves in an atmosphere of such confusion and distrust, there is but one eventuality. Whether prompted by their groomer or designed of their own volition, there is only one answer to quickly re-establishing a sense of stability: an agreement on a system that feigns a proof of trust — or a proof of one’s social value.

The Proof of Trust

It is here where the divorce of the creation from its creator takes place. In forcing the need for a proof of trust, there are three requirements that this proof of trust must abide in order to properly function.

The first requirement is the storage of the now decoupled trust. As their trust is now a commodity to be valued and desired, we may call it the storage of value. While there are many ways to do this, it is highly recommended that the aspiring deity influence them to store the trust-value in a simple, symbolic token.

The second requirement is the quantization of trust-value into units which are easily accounted for. This enables record keeping which provides a social signal of an individual’s worth according to the quantity of trust-value they possess.

The third requirement is that the trust-value token is made capable of being easily exchanged, enabling the members of your throng to engage in a system of trade which is based on the exchange of trust-value tokens. This system allows for anybody with a sufficient quantity of tokens to exchange them for the services and products provided by others.

Thus, the three pillars of stability for the proof of trust is architected. It is highly encouraged that the aspiring ruler carefully oversee and guide the discovery of the proof of trust, especially if the creatures in grooming begin to devise it themselves. Orchestrating the basic design of the proof according to the aspirant’s wishes will yield its own rewards later.

Upon the successful divorce of the creation from its creator (ie: the tokenization of trust-value) the throne-room door is thrust open and the aspirant may take up the mantle as their new god.

The Mantle & The Throne

Gods are forged in wealth. We are selfish and egotistic creatures. The aspirant must become adept in the art of manipulation and the wielding of great power; if not, their purpose dissolves and their existence becomes void of meaning. It is imperative that the aspirant understands that all the tools of godhood reside in the realm just outside their throng’s capacity to comprehend.

The Purpose of Decoupling Trust

All sentient species are given to an insatiable need to fill-in that which is missing. Thus, the purpose for decoupling trust-value from the individual (or the divorce of the creation from its creator) fulfills three of the most fundamental links required for properly establishing rule over the world of choice. The first is creating a void by the removal of social trust. The second is the installation of a deep need to fill that void. Finally, the third is to provide the trust-value token which they will ever-seek in an attempt to fill the void.

The need of your potential subjects to fill the void left by the displaced social trust is deep and your subjects will do whatever is required in order that it be filled. This insatiable hunger for both feeling trusted and for trusting others opens them up to accepting nearly anything. Conveniently, the trust-value token is the most addictive medium for doing just this.

The benefit here is that though they feel as if the void is being filled — in fact, it is not. Trust-value is a hollow imitation, leaving them deeply troubled and consistently craving the act of exchanging trust-value as it provides a fleeting sensation of relief.

Claiming Your Throne

Now that your subjects have become reliant on the acquisition and expenditure of trust-value, their rational minds become clouded and unstable. Though moments of clarity do occur, they quickly disengage as they simply do not have the strength to continue. This is a wonderful arrangement for the ruling deity; making for a most robust barrier and insurance against any likelihood that the creatures become wise to the manipulation.

Of course, there is balance in all things and it is up to the ruling god to ensure proper measures are taken to keep that balance. That being said, it has been the experience of the numberless gods past that the simplest way to manage any threats that arise is to simply move your tokens about such that a few of your subjects find themselves overcome with an irresistible motivation to cull those who threaten the balance. It is better to lose a few worshipers than to lose your crown.

We dearly hope this short guide has been beneficial to our students and other aspirants. We wish you fruitful endeavors and complacent throngs.

The Staff of The School of Godhood

Gods are forged in wealth. They are maniacal, egotistic creatures; adept in the art of madness.


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