We specialize in developing customized hardware, software, and graphical content. We are engaged in several projects; in-house, cooperative, and contractual. If you have a project in mind, we would love to schedule a time to discuss what we can do to help each other.

We are extremely excited and grateful to announce that Phobos Technologies LLC has been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception incubator.
Thank you NVIDIA! 🙂







The AI STEM Drive

The AI STEM Drive

The STEM Drive is a multi-tier and multi-stream distributed network of artificial learning agents. The project is the first smart-world capable network designed to:


  • Kick-start post-scarcity
  • Exponentially accelerate scientific research and discovery
  • Obliterate corporate and political corruption
  • Maximize privacy, health, and mental well-being
  • Minimize waste (material and energetic)
  • Maximize happiness and productivity
  • Eradicate world hunger


Sound too good to be true? Follow The STEMPrime Researchcast and decide for yourself.

PAXYZ SMS Smart Phone



attn: we are selling pAXYZ SMS.

Attention: Drug Courts & Rehabilitation Facilities,

Click here for PAXYZ SMS, our premiere drug screen randomization and client notification system. PAXYZ SMS utilizes a stream of mathematically genuine random bits from a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG); effectively and accurately producing daily random drug screen selections for each of your clientele groups. Our method eliminates the risk of clandestine trading and selling of upcoming drug screen schedules as well as any attempts to predict or manipulate the outcome. A list of the randomly selected clientele groups will be sent to each client every morning via SMS text-message. Three more text messages will be sent throughout the day to those clients belonging to each day’s randomly selected groups to remind them to submit to a drug screen before the end of the day. These three reminders can be customized by each individual client to be sent at any time they deem to be most effective according to their daily schedule.
PAXYZ SMS benefits your facilities as well as your clients.

To find out more, visit the PAXYZ SMS facility portal at https://sv.paxyz.in/

Or contact us at [801] 916.3457

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