PhobosTech: Coding the foundations for post-scarcity, one line at a time.

PhobosTech Mission Statement


Our mission is to expand the capacity of human potential;
to elevate humanity through the elevation of the individual.
To elicit personal autonomy,
engender personal and social competency,
and strengthen social relationships.
We aim to catalyze the ignition of a
self-sustaining and self-stabilizing
social auto-actualization;
the intrinsically motivated
Supra-Organism Optima.

The Dream of The STEM Theory Research Project


We dream of a world where everybody, without exception,
has true equal opportunity.

We do not speak of this shallow, surface-etched, pseudo-equality
in which we are currently drenched.

We all have an immense capacity to become something extraordinary;
but our environment,
this enclosure we have slowly constructed over the past several thousand years, inherently opposes any attempt to do so.

We are not in need of new laws or regulations
in order to accomplish this.

Our social ills are structural issues.

Our need is for a complete re-engineering of our social architecture;
new laws and regulations will do nothing to accomplish this.

This change must come from the ground up,
from within each individual.

STEM Theory is just such an attempt.

We seek the alleviation of humanity’s many social ills and the minimization of the various current environmental emergencies.

By utilizing the unparalleled power of multidisciplinary studies and research, we aim to determine the viability of various socioeconomic systems rooted in psychology, sociology, and thermodynamics.


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The STEMPrime

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