Phobos Technologies LLC

Founded: July 2nd, 2018

We are a scientific research and development startup based in Sandy, Utah. We specialize in engineering customized hardware & software solutions for our clientele, with our cooperative partners, and for our in-house projects.

That all being the case, Phobos Technologies LLC was founded with a singular goal in mind: to test the viability of STEM Theory, The AI STEM Drive, and The STEM Epiconomy.

The the research and development costs for such a project are enormous. In order to meet these financial requirements, we have compiled a list of projects which will hopefully generate the necessary funding.

I am proud to say that the first of these was finished in 2018, PAXYZ SMS. The second project was completed in May of 2020 ( due to its contractual nature, I don’t believe a link or name would be prudent at this time )

Our next two projects, ‘ISBS’ and ‘ChemCalculator’, will be released by the end of 2020.

Purpose and Mission

Our primary objective is to determine the viability of ‘STEM Theory’.

This will be accomplished through several years of research interviews to be conducted on ‘The STEMPrime Researchcast’ which is a new exercise in research transparency. The TerraPrime and STEMPrime Simulations will be developed in tandem with the STEMPrime interview phase. Both simulations are open-source and available for public and professional analysis on our github account.

If the hypothesis remains standing after the expert interviews and both simulations, the AI STEM Drive prototype network will begin to be constructed and later implemented into a small test-bed city for large-scale testing.


The following three projects will be incorporated into the test-bed city, along with the completed AI STEM Drive prototype network as the public educational platform:

    • Giterature (interactive text-book development platform) & ‘The Omni Scientia’ (all encompassing interactive text-book)
    • Torrent University (hypothetical higher-learning model)


We hypothesize that The AI STEM Drive and The STEM Epiconomy (collectively called STEM Theory), may be capable of the following: 

    • Kick-starting material & energetic “post-scarcity” (not the literal / lexical definition, but the colloquial meaning. See “The New ‘Post-Scarcity’, Creative Language & Essay Contest”)
    • Eliminate political and corporate corruption
    • Reduce crime by an estimated 97% (see STEMPrime episode E0004)
    • Exponentially accelerate scientific research, discovery, & technological advancement
    • Completely eliminate unemployment, homelessness, and involuntary hunger 
    • Effectively promote widespread self-actualization and social auto-actualization
    • Reduce the majority of mental and physical health issues to easily managed social issues

Considering that such hypotheses may be difficult to believe, we have taken great care to ensure a heavy and continued self-education concerning the related fields. For these same reasons, the research phase will be 100% transparent via The STEMPrime Researchcast. All associated code-bases ( the simulations and The AI STEM Drive itself) are open-source and will be made publicly accessible after the core code has been completed.

In order to meet the financial requirements for these projects, Phobos Technologies will be working diligently over the next several years on multiple stepping-stone projects designed specifically to help with these requirements.

Anything related to STEM Theory (The STEMPrime Researchcast, The AI STEM Drive, The TerraPrime & STEMPrime Simulations, etc.) will be now and forever, 100% self-funded and open-source. There will never be any ads, placements, sponsors, or anything of that nature in the researchcast or on the project’s home site:


Motives & Reasoning

Several years ago when I began programming professionally, I had the first real taste of how easily corruption sneaks into the corporate environment. Year after year, job after job – I never once found myself in an environment of honesty and fairness for the customers as well as for the employees.

I was asked by managers and owners alike to help them conduct business in a way I did not feel comfortable with. Often there were conversations about how to avoid refunding money after a displeased customer attempted to return a product which we had shipped.

One company hired only people of only one specific religion. The only reason I was able to get a job was because the devs manager had begun to lose his faith. Looking to understand virtue and worth outside of his waning faith, he decided to hire me. It was an incredibly uncomfortable environment. I was even accused of drug use after posing an existential question to another employee.

In the back of this particular building where I took my lunch breaks to meditate, another company that was renting the back of our building happened to have some visitors. Because I had the door closed and the lights off, none of them suspected that somebody might be in this particular office I was in. That fact became obvious when I heard the CEO of this biotech company talking to his visitors right outside the door. The CEO began to answer one of his visitor’s questions: “Oh, no – the trick is to get your product on the shelves as quickly as possible. That way, you’ve made enough to be able to handle all of the lawsuits and still come out on top.”

Another employer requested that we store sensitive customer information, including credit card numbers, on an unsecured server without encryption. The reason given was simply, “The upkeep is just too much.” During my time at this company, our CTO was fired by the CEO. The reason? The call center had just hired a woman with very little experience. However, apparently all you need to climb the rungs to be the CEO’s personal secretary with a six figure salary in less than a month, is an intellectually void giggle and ignore the dress code. It was an utterly disgusting episode. I’m starting to think that the recipe for a sociopath CEO is to hire one with the name “Jeff”. Get this, every Saturday, he had a “Come Meet Your CEO” breakfast.

That’s probably enough stories for now. After years upon years of dealing with corrupt individuals and being forced to conform to their destitute requests, it started to finally take its toll. Heavy depression set in, I began abusing substances just so I didn’t have to feel the sickness inside. I was helping these vile humans financially rape our customers.

In 2016, I made the decision to never work for another corporation again.

In 2018, I made the decision to never work for another person again. My “heart” is lighter, I am happier than I’ve been in the past 15 years, and I’m finally doing something to help others that I can feel good about.

So, what does this have to do with starting Phobos Technologies?

The main reason I founded this company was to finally begin development on a system which I had slowly begun to piece together over the past 10 years.

That system is, of course, The AI STEM Drive.

After several years of study in college, and even more self-education afterwards; I began to realize that the reason corruption exists is almost completely due to society’s structure.

After tracing the research from paper to paper and from theory to theory; the clarity of the situation became so vivid, I couldn’t continue to avoiding it.

As with any new idea, we’ll have to continually tune and adjust it in order to find the maximally effective form.

As to whether or not it will work? I’m more certain of the truth of the problems. Testing the hypotheses surrounding the question of The AI STEM Drive’s viability? That’s what all this is for.

As a scientifically minded individual, it would be foolish to allow myself to indulge in bias. However, the sheer volume of time-tested research in multiple fields of study that wholly support the STEM network is baffling. In fact, I have yet to come across any research in psychology, sociology, physics, economics or neuroscience that call the STEM Drive into question.

Throughout history, humanity has consistently surprised itself with the capacity to endure unthinkable hardships and conquer colossal obstacles. Despite the apparent strength and fortitude of the human collective; sociological, psychological, and neurological research has indicated multiple sources of substantial resistance.

We believe with good reason that we have identified the fundamental causes for the majority of these impediments. Likewise, with good reason, we’ve hypothesized several technological innovations that might be capable of minimizing (and in some cases completely eradicating) a large portion of these issues.

Previous attempts to remedy these social ills have ended with catastrophic failure; and, until recently with the advent of machine-learning, utterly impossible.


–Thomas Wright